Quick Answer: What Qualities Made Ebright A Great Scientist?

Why did Ebright lose interest in tagging butterflies?

Answer: Ebright used to tag butterflies wings and let them go.

In fact, the basement of his house was home to thousands of monarch butterflies.

He started losing interest in it because it was a tedious job and there wasn’t much feedback..

How was Ebright as a student?

Ebright was a brilliant student. He earned top grades in his class. When he was in second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies. … In his second year, Ebright studied the purpose of the twelve tiny gold spots on a monarch pupa.

How would you assess Griffin as a scientist in 150 words?

Answer Expert Verified Griffin was a great scientist with an evil heart. If he had guided his ambition through morality, he would have avoided a tragic end. Griffin had no conscience; he was callous towards other people and simply self-centered. He appeared to be at war with the entire mankind.

What kind of scientist Griffin was?

Griffin is a brilliant research scientist who discovers a formula for making a human being invisible.

What are the values required to become a successful scientists like Richard Ebright elaborate?

Ebright also showed courage to accept his failures, determination to achieve success and sincerity in every work to get the efficient result. A student should possess all these qualities, and more over, work hard to be a good scientist.

How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Answer. Answer:As a scientist Griffin was successful. He wanted to prove that the human body could become invisible. He did many experiments.As last he discovered a rare drug.It could make the human body as transparent as glass.

How did participation lead ebright to great success?

Answer. Richard Ebright proved that hard work leads to success when he first failed in the science fair in “making of a scientist”. He has been regarded as a bright child and his mother helped him through various times by guidance. Since he lost a father at an early age, he made many experiences in life.

What became a turning point in Richard Ebright life?

How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life? Ans. The book about monarch butter’s fly migration to central America opened the new world of science to the eager young mind. … Thus the book was a turning point in his life because it helped him to study butterflies.

What is ebright contribution to science?

Dear friend Ebright discovered a hormone that essential for the growth of a butterfly. He carried experiments to show effectively that hormone produced with the aid of the gold spots of a pupa is accountable for the increase and formation of butterfly-wings.

What opened the world of science to Ebright?

How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright. Answer: The book ‘The Travels of Monarch X’ opened the world of science for Richard. After reading it he became interested in tracking the migration of butterflies. This interest led to his other projects and experiments.

What are the qualities that go into scientist?

What makes a good scientist?Curious. Scientists are curious about their world. … Patient. Scientists are patient as they repeat experiments multiple times to verify results.Courageous. … Detail-oriented. … Creative. … Persistent. … Communicative. … Open-minded and free of bias.More items…•

Do you agree with the statement that Ebright had all the ingredients that make one an expert scientist?

Ans. Richard Ebright had all the necessary ingredients that are required in the making of a scientist. He had a first-rate mind, was competitive and had the will to win. … One of the most important projects of Richard Ebright was to prove that viceroy butterflies try to look like monarch butterflies.

How did Urquhart help ebright to win prizes?

Urquhart encourage Ebright through a book?(The Making of a Scientist) His mother gave him a children’s book called “The Travels of Monarch X.”That book, which told how monarch butterflies migrate to Central America, opened the world of science to Richard.

How would you assess Griffin as a scientist in 100 words?

Answer. Answer: Griffin was not merely a scientist but also an ambitious man he wanted to use all his knowledge in the field of science to create something new which nobody has done. Griffin was an honest and very valuable scientist did he came across new optical experiments which turned him into an aggressive man.