How Do I Set Up A Peer Mentoring Program?

What can you gain from being a peer mentor?

Peer mentors increase their own social and professional networks.

Peer mentors get the opportunity to develop mentoring skills that are essential in both academic and other careers.

Experience as a peer mentor demonstrates leadership and departmental citizenship qualities to future employers..

What are the key principles of mentoring?

The mentoring relationship should be based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity. The relationship should be based on agreed boundaries and ground rules that address the power differentials between the mentor and mentee.

How long does mentoring last?

The minimum amount of time the relatiohship must last is 6 months but there is no maximum. Some mentoring relationships last a lifetime depending on the willingness of the two parties. The mentoring connection may last for only a short time if the mentee’s need is to reach a specific goal.

What is the mentoring process?

What is Mentoring? … Today, mentoring is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person develop his or her goals and skills through a series of time-limited, confidential, one-on-one conversations and other learning activities. Mentors also draw benefits from the mentoring relationship.

What are some examples of mentoring goals?

What are some examples of mentoring goals?Leadership skills.Confidence skills.Public speaking/presentation skills.Life/work balance.Becoming a better manager/working with teams.Career trajectories/next steps/5-year plans.People skills.

How can I improve my mentoring program?

10 Ways to Improve Your Mentoring RelationshipUnderstand Personal Desires.Acknowledge Conflicts of Interests.Ask open questions.Act as a sounding board.Provide a fresh perspective.Seek out new experiences.Choose feedback carefully.Build Confidence.More items…•

What are the basic principles of coaching?

Awareness. Awareness is the most common outcome that coaching delivers and many of the benefits the. … Responsibility. The core principle of coaching is self –responsibility, or taking ownership of our decisions. … Self-belief. … Blame-free. … Solution focus. … Challenge. … Action.

How do you coach and mentor effectively?

Top Tips for Coaching and Mentoring EmployeesBuild an Authentic Connection. A critical step to becoming a great mentor is making your mentee feel comfortable. … Recognize Their Strengths. As a mentor, it is your job to help your mentees reach their full potential. … Earn Their Trust. … Identify and Pursue Stretch Goals.

What are the four stages of mentoring?

Successful mentoring relationships go through four phases: preparation, negotiating, enabling growth, and closure. These sequential phases build on each other and vary in length.

What is the difference between mentoring and mentorship?

Coaching is more performance driven, designed to improve the professional’s on-the-job performance. Mentoring is more development driven, looking not just at the professional’s current job function but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to career development.

What is the goal of a mentoring program?

The goal of a mentorship program is to help develop key talent through career development, education and learning, and boosting engagement.

How do you use mentoring?

8 Ways to Create a Killer Relationship With Your MentorsAsk how you can contribute to the relationship. The best mentoring is not a one-way street. … Shadow them. … Set SMART goals. … Prepare an agenda. … Bring three specific questions. … Ask for honest feedback. … Take an active approach. … Look at the bigger picture.

What are best practices in mentoring?

Top 10 Best Practices for MenteesFocus on achieving learning goals. … Expect to drive the mentoring relationship. … Create SMART goals that will contribute to your development. … Be authentic, open and honest. … Prepare for all mentoring meetings. … Stay connected and in communication with your mentor. … Be willing to stretch and step out of your comfort zone.More items…•

How do I create a mentoring plan?

HR and talent management professionals invested in making the mentoring program more effective….Train Participants and Launch the ProgramMake a list of goals.Connect every goal to a larger organizational objective.Set dates for mentor/mentee meetings.Learn to provide constructive criticism.